Starting a Sequel

Today we started making a sequel or continuation of a film we made in 2008/9. That film was Jimmy Then and Now. The new film is a continuation of that film.We have a rough outline of the direction that the film is going to go in. It pretty much picks up where the previous one ended and follows what happened after the first film. There is a lot to include.

IMG_3651_3To start we are going to develop rough and ready versions of the sets and models that we need to build. These we will film them and  build an animatic of the whole film.

We are only working a few hours a week – on Tuesday mornings in Edmonton, North London. We have no funding at the moment for this project. But Art Start has kindly given us a space to work in. Art Start a community arts organisation who do fabulous arts, parade and theatre projects.

This project will I think take quite a long time.

Today I worked on building the interior of an aeroplane. This model will be used to show the journey at the beginning of the film.


Jimmy worked on building the aeroplane which will begin the film. This opening shot will mirror the beginning of the first film. In that film trains rushed back and forth across the screen. Between the carriages you could make out glimpses of Jimmy as he started to narrate his story.

IMG_3656_3We worked till one todays then packed up everything. This film is going to be harder than the first one. It will also be more ambitious in scope and ambiguous in the story it tells.