Don’t forget an animated map

Today we started building mock-ups of the scenes set in India. Jimmy worked on a mock up of the mountain. We want to get a sense of travelling up precarious narrow mountain roads. To this end we will incorporate a close up of the coach wheels knocking boulders off the road down into the valley. We will use this to create a sense of jeopardy.


We also built the outside of the airport. This will be the first part of the story set in India. We want to get across a sense of arrival. The extreme heat hitting you as you go from the air conditioned airport to outside.


We filmed animatics of the scenes we had worked on at the end of the session. This helped us to see where we could combine ideas. For instance the airport arrival scene can start with the aeroplane roaring over head. Then the camera tilting down to show Jimmy’s arrival.

The audience will think that Jimmy is on the aeroplane, but then see that he has already arrived. This will propel the story forward.


I also drew out some storyboards to cover the opening of the film. I could see the importance of incorporating an animated map in the opening sequence. To show the audience where Jimmy is travelling to.


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