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kickstarter-logoToday I set up a Kickstarter Pledge for JIMMY THERE AND BACK. It has actually taken me about 2.5 days to set up the project. What took the most amount of time? Making the video. Kickstarter say you really need a video to engage people. So I spent time working out the script, recording it and then re-recording it, then some more tweaking as I cut it. I’m glad I’ve done this now – I think next time it would be a lot easier. Now comes the waiting game… Follow this link if you’d like to PLEDGE money to the project.

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  1. Really interesting to read the process. I like the way Jimmy had reference points ie the tea picker from the pg adverts.
    Where will the project go next? Does Jimmy intend any other collaborations…
    Would the project transfer to a live art performance event? Be interesting to see.
    Best wishes

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